WAGs (Wingham Art Group students)

                                          Welcome to WAGs

WAGs has been active for just over four years and is run by professional artist Fred Fielder. The group meets regularly during school term times at the Miles Room, the Village Hall, School Lane Wingham. There are a number of classes which meet on Wednesdays and Fridays (Times and cost of classes please contact Fred). The classes are two hour's long with a tea break at half time! Each class is an entity in itself so if students have to miss a class for other commitments then they will not lose too much of the teaching aspects covered. I also encourage members to develop their own style of work and if they wish to do their own thing then I am more than pleased to accommodate but am willing to offer advice and helpful guidance as well as one to one demonstration if necessary.

The classes cover all areas of painting, drawing, sketching, water colour, acrylic, charcoal, oil, pencil, crayon, pen and ink and much more. All abilities are catered for from beginners to the more experienced and even professional artists have joined the classes!

Many styles of drawing and painting are covered as well as looking at the Great Artists in history such as the Impressionists and the Dutch School as well as the St Ive's Group of the early 20th century and more recent contemporary artists' work. The members of the group have been encouraged to exhibit work if they wish and already a number of members have sold paintings and drawings at our annual exhibition.

Please note the Calender of Events is no longer kept up to date. please contact the tutor if you would like to know what events are happening. The reason for this is that only a few members need to refer to the events calendar as each member is given a printed sheet at the end of each term or at the beginning of the new art year!

We have enquiries from all over the world even from a lady in Wingham, Ontario in Canada but the distance was just a little too far for an afternoon's lesson!

Due to some changes of folk moving away or changing groups there are now spaces only in the Friday afternoon and evening groups for new members to join as we can only satisfactorily accommodate 10 members in any one group but please contact Fred who is also the organiser and can be contacted by telephone only on his mobile 07427 475860 or by email fred.fielder@outlook.com or you can send a message from this website by using the 'Contact Us' tag.

Please note some members do not want their details published so not all members are included although their images are included.